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Company Profile

xzchem is a manufacturer of textile chemicals and textile auxiliaries from China.Our textile chemicals include non-silicone hydrophilic finishing agents, water-based polyurethane auxiliary, soil release agents, anti-ultraviolet agents, flame retardants.Textile Chemicals And Auxiliaries Products

XZCHEM high-quality textile chemicals can be used in different textile dyeing, printing and finishing fields. Especially functional finishing auxiliaries, including water-based polyurethane softening agents, hydrophilic finishing agents, water repellent agents, antimicrobial agents, anti-ultraviolet finishing agents, flame retardants, moisture absorption and perspiration finishing agents have very high cost performance. XZCHEM high quality ECO-friendly textile auxiliaries can also be used widely in different kinds of fibres such as cotton, viscose fibers, polyester fibers, nylon textiles,  polyamide fabrics, wool and so on.

Textile Chemicals And Auxiliaries Products

Shanghai xzchem mainly produces the following six series of products:

1. hydrophilic finishing agents
2. textile softening agents
3. fastness improving agents
4. water repellent agents
5. dyeing and printing agents
6. water treatment chemicals
XZCHEM have more than fifty reaction kettle and sewage treatment system to meet the requirements of the state environmental protection:

environmental protection

reaction kettle and sewage treatment system

Experienced staff involving in textile chemicals for over 10 years. XZCHEM knows the supply situation in China and the overseas customers’ need clearly and exactly. The products are being exported to Asia, European and American areas.

product research and application development department

product research and application development department

In order to meet the production requirements of the growing, on the basis of the original building, XZCHEM co-invested a manufacturing factory in Vietnam in 2016, which is located in Thuan Dao IP, Long' an Province, 25 kilometers from HCMC. This manufacturing site provides strong support on Southeast Asian market development.

XZCHEM adhering to the steady growth and healthy financial management wholeheartedly look forward to working with all sectors to provide customers with quality products and free technical advisory services.


Pretreatment Auxiliaries
Dyeing Auxiliaries
Textile Softening Agents