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PETSKIN® Range--Making polyester fabrics breathable

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Polyester fabrics are getting more and more popular with consumers, especially for sportswear. Although polyester fabrics have been used success fully in the manufacture of clothing, for a long time, such fabrics have several disadvantages.
Polyester fabric shortcomings:
1. Main disadvantage is that Polyester does not breathe, polyester fabric has poor hygroscopicity, so polyester clothing will have a hot feeling.
2. It is easy to bring static electricity, infecting dust, affecting beauty and comfort.
3. Limited removability of fat, oil and pigment soiling, soil which is removed by washing is re-attracted and leads to soil redeposition.

PETSKIN® Range--Making polyester fabrics breathable
Our PETSKIN® range has been developed to solve these problems.
1. Confers good hydrophilic and absorptive properties
2. Confers a supple handle, improved skin feel of synthetic fabrics
3. Protects the fabrics by preventing the soil to penetrate deeply into the fabric , improved soil release in the next wash
4. Improves the antistatic properties
5. Running crease inhibitor for bleaching and dyeing, prevents the formation of abrasion marks
6. Silicone-free hydrophilic softener, improving hand feeling and reducing Cost    
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