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Dyeing Auxiliaries

The dyeing auxiliary agent has leveling agent, dispersing agent, defoamers agent, fixing agent, soda ash substitute, substitute acid, soaping agent, and anti-staining soaping agent.
Dyeing is the main part of the dyeing and finishing process. Different fiber fabrics use different dyeing auxiliaries and are added according to different processes. The dyes mainly include direct dyes, vat dyes, reactive dyes, disperse dyes, and acid dyes. Cellulose fibers are mainly dyed with direct dyes, reactive dyes and vat dyes, polyester fibers are mainly dyed with disperse dyes, and nylon fibers are dyed with acid dyes.
  • Formaldehyde-free Fixing Agent: HG-40 Formaldehyde-free Fixing Agent: HG-40 Jun 12, 2019 [Brief information]-- High con Formaldehyde-free Fixing Agent: HG-40CompositionQuaternary polyammonium compound, cationicField of application Read More
  • Soda ash Substitute:SCS-280 Soda ash Substitute:SCS-280 Jun 12, 2019 [Brief information]-- Soda ash Substitute:SCS-280(sodium carbonate substitute) Amount of SCS-280 is only 1 8-10 of soda ash, and better washing and rubbing fastness than that of soda ash Read More
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