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Softener Flake

Softener flake is one of textile softening agents, which is suitable for a variety of fibers and fabrics. Softener flake has many advantages, especially nonionic flake softener.
The softener flake is divided into tertiary amine type softener flake, quaternary amine type softener flake, amide type softener flake, imidazoline type softener flake.Tertiary amine type and amide type are generally characterized as weak cationic flake softener, while quaternary amine type is cationic flake softener.
  • Cold Water Dissolving Softener Flake: LS Cold Water Dissolving Softener Flake: LS Jun 4, 2019 [Brief information]-- Cold Water Dissolving Softener Flake: LS Components: Imidazoline fatty acid compound, cationic Application Area: Excellent soft and fluffy when used for cotton, blending, T C, yarn Mainly used as soft and fluffy fiber agent, fluffy agent , wrinkle resistance agent Read More
  • Nonionic Softener Flake: FL Nonionic Softener Flake: FL Jun 4, 2019 [Brief information]-- Nonionic Softener Flake: FL Components: Fatty acid and polyhydric alcohol compound, Nonionic Application Area: Excellent handle for all kinds of fibres widely used in dyeing house, especially for high requirement of color shade and whiteness Read More
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