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1830: C8 water, oil and soil repellent agent

Terpolymer Silicone Softener HT-357
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Water, Oil and Soil Repellent Agent: 1830
Components: Fluorocarbon resin, cationic
Application Area: For water, oil and soil repellent finishing of fabrics made from synthetic fibres, cellulosic fibres or their blends
-White to beige emulsion
- Confers excellent resistance to aqueous and oily soilings
- pH value ca. 4 - 6
- No high curing temperatures necessary
- Good stability and excellent continuity
- No effect on the whiteness and shade of fabric
-Repellency maintained after domestic washing without subsequent heat treatment in combination with boosters
- Compatible with additives
Application: Pad Process. 
Pad Process:               
1830                              5-15g/L
Temperature                Room  Temperature
Pick-up                         60%-90%
Drying                          100℃, 1-2min                      
Curing                         160-180℃, 1-1.5min
120KG plastic drum,  room temperature.
The product is sensitive to frost and heat and must not be stored at temperatures below 0℃ or above 40℃. Irreparable damage is possible. In the case of suspected frost or heat damage, the usability of the product has to be checked before processing. In order to avoid quality loss, it is necessary to always close the drums after use.
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